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Chicago native, George Goetschel has emerged on the scene, not only as an accomplished musician, but as a talented improvisational actor as well. His two passions came together, resulting in his Grammy Nominated CD, 21 in the Moment, a collection of 21 improvised musical poems composed and performed by Goetschel. And while the CD may have been recorded twenty years into his career, Goetschel’s musical talents date back to the 70’s.

Goetschel hit the road, touring for nearly two decades alongside of musicians who accompanied legendary jazz greats Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and Ramsey Lewis. In addition, Goetschel performed with Metropolitan Opera tenor, Edward Ruivenkamp and in prominent jazz clubs throughout Chicago.

Goetschel’s immense piano and performing talents have captured the attention of major publications including The Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times and The Chicago Reader, all of whom have praised his skill and originality. Few musicians have mastered Goetschel’s command of piano and trumpet/flugelhorn. Fewer still have had their work acknowledged by the Grammy Association. Music critics are not the only ones taking note of George Goetschel. Many prominent medical professionals have recognized the healing and spiritual benefits of his music.

Goetschel’s gift as a powerful, charismatic performer led him to film and stage, working with director John Hughes and actors Jim Belushi, Chris Farley and Tim Meadows. And while his talent would have allowed him to pursue both disciplines, Goetschel’s main focus remains his first love, his music. In addition, Goetschel is an Emmy recognized actor, for the show Jerry Time and Tony nominated composer for an NBC special.  Goetschel also holds eight (8) degrees certificates and endorsements.  Most recently Goetschel has been offered four performance positions on top world cruise lines by Sumen Entertainment Group. He currently performs vocally with the Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera Chorus members.

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Afro Blue
Think I don't do jazz? I do! I've given this Coltrane classic my own touch.

Flight of the Bumblebee
I give this technically tricky tune a whimsical interpretation. Enjoy!

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